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* If you would like to connect but my availability in the UK is not allowing you to do that, please do email me and I will be happy to see if I can accommodate your time zone *

Other Booking Options

Rise from Cancer Radical Remission Coach

One-to-One Coaching

Book a single One-to-One Radical Remission Coaching Call on Zoom.  In these sessions you will be able to dive deeply into your chosen Healing Factor, empowering you with lifestyle changes which will prioritise your self-care, boost your immune system and improve your prognosis.


If you've already been coached through the 10 Healing Factors, these sessions are also available for continued support and to keep you connected to your true empowered self and aligned to your true north.

Rise from Cancer Radical Remission Coach

One-to-One Coaching Multi-Sessions

Book a package of 10 x One-to-One Radical Remission Coaching Calls on Zoom and save £10 per appointment.  This package is a wonderful investment in yourself and will create a container for you to dive deeply into each of the 10 Healing Factors.  It will also allow you to receive the ongoing support to really understand, implement and embody the 10 Healing Factors into your life.

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