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Areas of Expertise

My Approach

At Rise From Cancer, I coach and teach the inspiring research and strategies from Dr. Kelly Turner’s international bestselling books Radical Remission and Radical Hope.  These books document Kelly's research into Radical Remissions, also known as Spontaneous Remissions, when someone heals from cancer or another serious illness in a statistically unlikely way, such as without conventional medicine or after conventional medicine has failed.

I incorporate Kelly's research with my own lived experiences, including 9+ years living with cancer, using a mix of ancient and modern tools and techniques, that have successfully glided me through incredibly challenging situations.  They have been instrumental in navigating me through the most intense physical pain and overcoming grim prognoses, including being told I might be paralysed from the neck down and that I might only have weeks to live.  It requires a deep dive within ourselves to tap into our inner strength and resources to do that, and I’m here to share the mindset tools I used to help you do the same.

My purpose is to empower you by sharing the information and tools that will boost your immune system, expand your awareness and uplift your spirits, so you have the absolute best prospect to triumph over the odds and live a more fulfilled life than you ever thought possible.

Julia Lee Radical Remission Coach
Rise from Cancer Radical Remission Coach

One-to-One Coaching

I will guide you through Dr. Kelly Turner’s 10 Healing Factors, ensuring you understand and fully embody them into your daily life.  Throughout our sessions, I’ll draw on my own profound insights, incorporating a range of ancient and modern techniques as appropriate, to support your journey.

Group Coaching

Rise from Cancer Radical Remission Coach

In time I will be offering Group Coaching sessions based on Dr. Kelly Turner's 10 Healing Factors, where you will also have the opportunity to connect with a community of individuals who are on a similar journey. The Group Coaching will provide community, accountability and motivation to implement and embody the Healing Factors into your life.


Rise from Cancer Radical Remission Coach

In time I will be offering in-person and online workshops where I will dive deeply into Dr. Kelly Turner's 10 Healing Factors.  I will teach each Healing Factor, sharing scientific research, Radical Remission survivor stories, and also give you tools to implement them into your own life.  The Workshops will provide community, accountability and inspiration.

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