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About Julia

My Story

I used to be an over giver where I gave and gave all of my energy to others to the detriment of my own health.  My life was broken and I was living with chronic stress.   This continued for a number of years where I didn’t prioritise taking care of myself and as a result my body eventually broke down and I was diagnosed with cancer.  

This was a divine tap on the shoulder which was gifting me a permission slip to return back home to myself; to change the way I was living and treating my body.  This wake up call wasn’t just about healing the cancer, I intuitively knew it was about healing all aspects of myself; mind, emotions, body and spirit.

This led me on a quest to discover how I could truly heal back to wholeness and reconnect to my true self.  I sought out many varied teachers and healers from around the world, learning and applying what was needed to heal the totality of me.  I learned from people in both the conventional and metaphysical worlds, as I had to go deep in order to fully heal.

Julia Lee Radical Remission Coach

Once I started to use the many tools and techniques I'd discovered, both ancient and modern, I was able to heal my broken life and body, bringing myself back into harmony, which in turn massively transformed my prognosis.   From this empowered place, I was able to safely navigate life-threatening situations, such as being told I might be paralysed from the neck down and that I might only have weeks to live.  It was at this time I learned categorically, that our diagnosis does not have to be our prognosis!

Today, I've prioritised my self-care and healed my broken life.  My nervous system is no longer living in constant fight or flight, and has returned to harmony and calm.  I have overcome dire prognoses, repaired my body and have stable results. 

I now feel a deep calling to serve other women going through a similar cancer journey, who have neglected themselves and desire to put themselves first again, by healing the totality of them; mind, emotions, body and spirit.

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